How to Match Your Makeup and Clothes (As If You Had a Stylist)

Matching your makeup to your wardrobe can be a very flattering when done correctly and atrocious when done wrong.

So to help guide you on matching your cosmetics and clothing, we’ve put together some simple tips for pulling off a regal look, royal or not.


Pinks and browns are a combination fit for a queen (or one soon-to-be). To get Kate’s wearable smoky eye, apply a light pink shade over the entire lid, and then use a small, pointed brush to apply a mauve shade in the crease. Blend well and complete the look by adding a touch of brown shadow on the outer corners of the eye. Finish with a pretty pink and brown blush like this Nars Highlighting/Bronzing Duo.

DO: Stick to One Color Palette

Coral is one of the easiest shades to match, but when wearing such a bright color, apply your makeup with a light touch — wearing bold shades on your face and your figure can look cartoonish. Maggie Grace’s eyes, lips and cheeks are all done in a sheer wash of coral makeup that looks beautiful. Take a cue from Grace and play down the rest of your features. Jemma Kidd’s Bio-Minerals Essentials Kit boasts a great color palette that will ensure your makeup looks uniform.

DO: Embrace Shimmer

Silver is such a sexy shade on both your body and your eyes, and Sophia Bush pulled it off perfectly. When wearing a shimmery color like silver or gold, don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your makeup, too. The trick is to apply it lightly — don’t overdo it. A light shimmer powder on the cheeks, like this one from Laura Mercier, will make you look ethereal and gorgeous (just be sure to play down the rest of your features when accentuating with shimmer). We also love how Bush added a touch of silver eye shadow on her lower lids.

DO: Say Yes to Yellow, but Think Pink!

Yellow can be fun and fashionable, but it can also wash you out. We love how Emmy Rossum accessorized her sunny dress with an ombre orange and yellow eye shadow (the same color palette). However, cover up her pink pout and you’ll see how washed out she would look. So think pink, but keep the overall colors soft and subtle.

DON’T: Be Too Literal

Cyndi Lauper has made wild fashion statements “time after time.” However, with her black and white clothes, eyes and hair (eek!), she’s gone a bit too far for our taste. When matching your makeup to your clothes, stick to one feature only, and then play down the rest. And when it comes to your hair, if you need to play with color, try a clip-on extension that complements your own hair color.

DON’T: Avoid Color Altogether

White is such a clean and bright shade to wear during all seasons, but without a little color, you’ll look less sunny and more mummy. When wearing all white, be sure to add a pop of color in both your accessories and your makeup. Try a bold lip, or even a bright eye shadow. Going too pale (especially for bleached blondes like Lindsay Lohan) will leave you looking washed out and sickly.