Fashion: Street-style experiment in Brooklyn

Street Style is the ultimate insider’s fashion theme. Whether Berlin or New York – no Fashion Week looking at not zealous photographer for the coolest street styles. The Fashion Week New York 2012 teems with hip and stylish girls and boys, in terms of the outfit know no creative boundaries. There are crazy shoes, hats, colour and pattern and style combinations! Many an outfit seems absurd, yet cooler than anything we have ever seen.From the subway, change twice, a little run, and we are there. In the middle of Brooklyn. In addition, it looks like in the Movies! Cool photo locations as far as the eye! It is wonderful. So there you go – and look cool, pose for the camera. Street Style flat.

So easy that is not for me

The Street alone does indeed pretty much style, but our outfits are a little too uncreative. How Street-style must really look and that the road has nothing to do with not so much, we have held for you and we will show later in the next blog. I promise! The outfit ideas that are then able to see it, to be proud of something!

While shopping in Soho – $ 300 for a 30-year-old bag

Vintage is unique, beautiful, well done, but mostly one thing: expensive. Since the price scares you the bang Pink Pumps ever quite violently. We are on the hunt and find a bargain! The dresses and outfits in the shops. Individual pieces and special styles far as the eye. Many of the shop owners tell us that they are often very long in search of the appropriate pieces for their collections. Not everything comes to them in question and almost all have favourite songs and see every customer who enters the store, what he seeks or needs. So also with us.

Bags, shoes and hats

The fashionat Fashion Week New York 2012 shone not only with perfect outfits, but also with well-chosen accessories. Bags, shoes and hats on the front line. We really like the bag trends fell into the eye – whether designer or linen bag – the bags were one thing: Vintage. Apparently, vintage fashion loses whether in clothes or accessories with any season of coolness and popularity.