Fashion: Retro style is announced

Chucks or college jackets are currently among the fashionable must-haves! What few know, however is that these trends are not new, but were popular decades ago.

Retro Style: college jacket retro style

College Jackets, Chuck, Nerd and Co, all these items are in fashion and are loved by all kinds of people. They are supported, although they were trademarks of specific groups until recently. Going shopping in the usual shops, exactly these garments hanging in the store and mixed colours no one thinks about the fact that you would have looked at a few years ago as Normalo wrong if they had worn a jacket and a college nerd. Art is changing. The subdivision fashion certainly is changing most rapidly. Nevertheless, ever remember someone that not everything is in today, comes from our time? In other words, there is anyone interested?

College Jackets – Retro trend from the Fifties

Let us make a small one-time jump and leap into the 50′s at an American college. The sun is shining, cheerleaders dancing on the lawn, sit in the corner and read and nerds, the Footballer have just finished training and attract what? Properly, their college jackets. Because even if we, especially in the summer season, and see people wearing the trendy jackets – or we even have even one – they are not a fashionable new release. Actually, athletes to show what team they belong (by the colour and the embroidered logo on the left breast) wore college jackets. Nevertheless, sometimes we have the impression that this is not the most clear. “I love the college jackets. Totally cool the new trend! “Or so it we have all heard. Sorry, wrong, because the trend is not exactly new. The college name on the back of the jackets were simply deleted, or replaced, like the logo. Where earlier example, even Los Angeles State College was in a logo, located in the modern college jackets one randomly selected single letter, or a free logo.

Chucks – Basketball shoes of the Twenties

Chucks are comfortable, they look cool … and they are in their 20s come as basketball shoes on the market! Of course, one could now throw in flippant tone: “All trends have an origin somewhere!” And of course that is true. But at no other life styles is so much fuss made about how the college jackets, Chuck and Co. we still pack the nerd and faded jeans to it, we already have a whole outfit, consisting of parts that are all over 50 years old.To sum it up in a kind of fashion law: the old trends Appreciates if you wear them today!